Overseeding LawnThis summer has been an unusual one on a number of fronts.

I have fertilized twice this summer, (July  and August)  and have constantly battled weeds. Through it all the grass has remained very green and has required very little watering because of the frequent rains. Also, future forecasts for September show September to be a very wet and cool month. Now might be the best time to get your seed applied so it can flourish with the additional fall moisture headed our way.

With this week’s cooler than normal temperatures, (Highs in 70’s and Lows in the 50’s) I thought it would be a good  time to overseed the lawn. This summer where I saw the most weeds were typically those areas that were the thinnest.  These areas, (grass between sidewalk and the street) and around the border of the house are the areas I am going to be watching over the next 7-10 days.

Fall seeding has produced great results for me. Typically, I wait till the first part of September, but I thought the cooler temperatures this week were ideal for this process. When buying seed, take the time and buy a proven product. One year I purchased some very cheap seed and my grass looked more like crabgrass. It had a mixture of seed that I was not familiar with and as a result my yard stood out from my neighbors. It took about three additional years of seeding to bring the lawn back to normal.

Finally, make sure you water in your seed. You want to get it into the ground as soon as you can so it can take root.

Picture Source: Pixabay