Stalk Nitrate Test – What does the analysis really say?

I came across the following statement in this article, “Cornstalk nitrate test reveals nitrogen application accuracy” by Susan Winser, October 31, 2014

Each test has its role: The cornstalk nitrate test is a snapshot of how close you came to applying the most cost-effective N rate, and no more.

I think this statement shows the value of this analysis. As the article states, nitrogen application is a guessing game and the weather is a huge factor in determining if a grower has applied the appropriate amount of fertilizer. This summer has been an unusually cool and wet one. It would really be interesting as a grower to see how these conditions affect the amount of N in the corn stalk.

Consider running this test this fall. Check out past articles this month,

Check out the article by Susan Wisner and see how some growers are using the results of their stalk nitrate test.

photo credit: IMG_2754 via photopin (license)