fall seedingA few years ago, I listed some September Lawn Tips that are making there way back on Google this year. All of these tips are good tips for the fall, but I want to highlight one tip in particular.

Overseeding your lawn – I have found that fall is the best time to apply some grass seed throughout the lawn. This summer there has been an abundance of rain and cooler temperatures. As a result, weed growth was a constant battle this summer.

Two weeks ago, we experienced some mild temperatures in the Omaha area for summer, highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s. It was at this time, I decided to apply some seed. These temperatures are ideal for applying seed and seeing a difference in your lawn.

To my surprise, I have quickly been able to take control of the weed issue I had along the curb and sidewalk. The combination of seed and a weed preventer has helped produce a stronger thicker lawn. If you have a strong, thick lawn it can withstand issues like the heat, weeds and grubs.

If you haven’t applied any grass seed it is not too late and it appears from forecasts that this fall could be a wet and cool fall. Right now temperatures are fluctuating quite a bit as we experience our last blast of hot, summer weather. While the ground is still warm, you should consider getting the seed in the ground.