soil samplingSeptember is the busiest time of the year for Midwest Laboratories Shipping Department.  Our shipping department is keeping up with the current demand, but this year we are seeing a lot of clients ordering supplies in preparation for fall soil sampling

If you have a Midwest Laboratories Account, you can order your supplies online: soil bags, soil probes, boxes, shipping labels, booklets, etc by  logging on with your account/password and selecting the order supplies tab in the bottom right side of the page.

Step 1

midwest labs online




Step 2

order suplies



Step 3

soil sampling

It is time to get your orders in. If you have an account with Midwest Laboratories, it is a very easy process. If you have questions about soil sampling supplies, please contact a Midwest Laboratories Representative Today.  Also, consider opening an account, the process takes less than a minute and you will receive confirmation the same business day during normal business hours.