cropped-MidwestMap2.jpgThis is the number one question we receive at Midwest Laboratories.  The following table is a great guide which give you access to analysis available at Midwest Laboratories.

Midwest Laboratories Analysis Matrix

*Information regarding certification and rush analysis should be obtained
by speaking directly to a Midwest Laboratories Customer Service Representative (Office) 402-334-7770.
**Normal turnaround time on soils and plants is 2 days after the sample is received at the laboratory.

In addition, I have included some other information regarding analysis and shipping information. Check out the links below.

Company Address – (Ship samples to:) 
Midwest Laboratories
13611 B Street
Omaha, NE 68144

Other Resources

Set up a New Account – New accounts are typically setup the same day of arrival. Your new account will allow for online viewing of historical data as well as monthly invoicing. 

Contact Us Page – Receive answers to your questions. Many ways to submit questions.

Submit a Bid – Fill out this form for submitting a formal bid request for analytical testing work based on number of samples, analysis and price.

Company Information – Learn more about Midwest Laboratories 40 years of analytical work.

Final Suggestions

If sending a sample, please make sure paperwork is enclosed with:

  • name, address and phone information
  • sample identification noted on sample container: bag,  bottle
  • test identification
  • rush service must be coordinated in advance of sending sample to Midwest Laboratories.