Thanksgiving Food TipsI came across this article in Consumer Reports, “Don’t Let Your Thanksgiving Dinner Make You Sick” by Janet Lee, November 11, 2015

1. Watch Out For Mold (Many illnesses can be avoided from the start by looking for the presence of mold)
2. Know How To Battle the Bad Bugs (Prevent Bacterial Growth)
3. Use a Meat Thermometer (Make sure to check different areas of your turkey to ensure the meat is cooked-through)
4. Consider Avoiding Certain Foods (Soft cheeses, undercooked meats and deli meats)
5. Use Your Eyes and Nose (Always be cautious regardless of the date listed on the product. Never taste a product in question)

These helpful hints are covered in more detail in the article. Some good reminders for a safe Thanksgiving Holiday.

photo credit: Thanksgiving via photopin (license)