Germs and TravelHere is a story to think about as we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday which is typically one of the busiest travel periods of the year.

The following news story looks at this whole issue from analyzing the conditions,
collecting the sample and looking at the analysis report.

This story should be a wake-up call to everyone that we need to really work at keeping facilities clean. In addition, it is critical to always take personal precautions by being aware of our surroundings and carrying items like hand sanitizer and wipes in public pages.

Laboratories will also need to play a bigger role in making sure effective cleaning and disinfecting processes are in place to insure public safety. At Midwest Laboratories, our micro biology laboratory analyzes bacteria not only in food and water but also on production line machinery and hand-held items.

If you don’t think this story affects you, all you have to do is look at your personal smartphone and realize that everyday we come in contact with germs almost all of the time.

Take precautions and if you have to travel this week, make sure you are properly prepared.

Picture Source: Pixabay