Lawn CareThis year my lawn looks great. Even with the lack of moisture for most of April, I have been able to create a nice, thick green lawn. Here are some tips I recommend.

Get a soil test.
A soil test can really help you see which nutrients are lacking in the soil and it can help determine which fertilizer should be purchased.

Consider over seeding your lawn right now through Mid-May.
The extra lawn seed has helped make my lawn much thicker, especially in areas that had been thin in the past.

Water less frequently for longer times.
I have talked about this topic in the past. It is critical that water can make it deep into the soil, 6 inches or deeper. I typically water an area for 20-4o minutes at a time and only water once or twice a week as opposed to everyday for 10 minutes.

Control weeds from the start. Make sure weeds don’t overtake your lawn. I typically purchase a hand sprayer and spray the weeds just before mowing. I am not a big fan of the weed and feed fertilizers because I don’t think you need to apply weed killer to every part of the lawn.

Watch for grubs. Dig out a section of your lawn. If you see any of those critters, consider applying a grub killer. If you’ve had grubs in the past, make sure to watch these areas to see if they return.

Control clover. Clover can easily take over lawns. I have found the best results by pulling the clover out by hand and reseeding. Clover is a nasty pest that can easily grow if not controlled.

I hope your spring lawn care is not a stressful one yet. With a little bit of planning and action, it is easy to get your lawn off to a great start this spring.