Summer Lawn TipsThe weather in June, in this part of the country, have been quite hot with the average high being in the 90’s.  It has put some stress on our lawns. Here are some tips to help your lawn fight these hot days.

Look for really, really brown spots. You might have some grubs. It may be a bit late, but it is always a good idea to apply some grub control in those areas to ensure the issue does not spread.

Water longer for fewer days. Many people just run their sprinklers for 5-10 minutes every day. The water never has a chance to go very deep. Try watering each area in your lawn for 20 minutes and water 2-3 times a week. This will ensure that the water goes deeper into the soil.

Change your mowing pattern! If you mow the same way every time, you will compact the soil and grass and you will dry out the yard. The only area I mow the same way is around the perimeter of the yard or around the house. Try this today and you will see immediate results.

Start watching for bugs and insects. Many times grasshoppers and other bugs can take over your lawn. Take some precautions and notice any unusual signs of wear and tear in your lawn.