fall soil sampling2016 Fall Soil Sampling

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Free Soil Bags – Soil bags can be ordered free with a Midwest Laboratories Account: Opening an account takes 1-2 minutes. Soil bags are shipped directly to your location.

Shipping Boxes – New for 2016,  heavier/reinforced soil boxes. The boxes are to better assist clients with the collection, transportation, and shipment of soil samples.

Determine the most appropriate soil testing package Soil Test Packages Online

Shipping Discounts  (UPS, FedEx, and Spee-Dee): Contact a client service team member or a field rep.
Shipping labels are $10.50 for UPS and FedEx. $10.00 for Spee-Dee delivery. The price is good for ground shipping up to 50 pounds.

Stalk Nitrate Bags: We have a new line of bags, the bags are much more durable and made for proper air ventilation.

Soil Probes Can Be Purchased Online

Soil Interpretation Information Literature: Check out the most popular soil information documentation here.

Order nematode sample supplies: Order supplies online or for more information visit our nematode analysis.

Consistent turnaround time of three days: Turnaround time of 3 days, including the day it is received. Proper turnaround time is needed to efficiently air-dry the soil samples, to execute appropriate soil extraction analysis and review analysis data.

All soil data is available 24×7 on Midwestlabs.com – Clients are in control of their analysis data. They can print data, export data and review data at their convenience.

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Review sample submittal and reporting parameters. Analysis packages, email reports to data analysis formats, talk to a Midwest Laboratories representative for further clarification.

Schedule a visit with a Midwest Labs representative this Fall; please contact the representative in your area.

Key Soil Contacts

Client Service Representatives, Ken Pohlman, John Menghini
Phone: 402-334-7770 |  

Send Email to clientservice@staging.midwestlabs.flywheelsites.com

Field Service Representatives by Location
Phone: 402-334-7770

Eastern and Central Nebraska, Western Iowa – Tim Mundorf
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Iowa, Northern Missouri, Illinois Indiana – Joe Thelen
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Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas – Jim Grilliot
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Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan – Jim Fasching
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Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana – Don Coash
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