Are GMO’s in Food Safe for My Family?

GMO Foods

If you are wondering about the health and safety of eating foods containing GMOs, get the facts. The following article, Is it safe for my family to eat GMO foods? By Ruth MacDonald Ph.D., September 26, 2016, speaks volumes. Here is one section of this article. So how do GMOs end up in food? You may have


Reusable Water Bottles and Bacteria

If you have not read this article, Which Is Dirtier: Your Reusable Water Bottle or a Toilet Seat? by HILLARY EATON Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016, you really should. It is an interesting article and it really drives home the point that reusable water containers should be cleaned periodically. I also like how the article lists different


Harvest Map 2016

Harvesting has begun Harvesting has begun in some areas of the country. If you want to follow the harvest figures check out these maps for corn and soybeans at AgWeb. These pages provide information about location and yield in different locations across the country. AgWeb Corn Harvest Map AgWeb Soybean Harvest Map In addition, I


Pet Treat Testing Package

Analysis The Pet Treat Package is a very popular analysis package for people looking to sell pet treats in the marketplace or online. Many people wonder where to start when it comes to analysis.  The recommended place to start is the BASIC TREAT PACKAGE – $30 Analysis Includes: Moisture Crude Protein Fat (acid hydrolysis) Crude


Soil Sampling Supply Orders

September is the time when Midwest Laboratory Clients order their sampling supplies for soil sample collection. Clients at Midwest Laboratories receive the following benefits: Free Soil Bags for Clients  – We try to encourage soil samplers to order their bags in bulk and large order shipment requests are received and sent out the same day.


Stalk Nitrate Testing is Here!

Stalk Nitrate

Testing Stalk Nitrate in Corn A number of growers find the information from this particular analysis very valuable. If you are unfamiliar with this type of test, consider watching the following video which gives instructions on how to take the sample. Also, if you need breathable sample bags, consider ordering your stalk nitrate bags from