Battling Lawn Grubs


Grubs This year I am trying something new.  Yesterday, (April 24, 2017) I applied a national brand, grub preventer product to my lawn. Over the last three weeks, I have done some gardening and landscaping, and every time I dug into the soil, (4-8 inches), I would see grubs. Not just one or two, but


Nematodes in Florida Golf Course Turf

Nematodes in Florida Golf Course

Nematode Article This spring, I came across this article about nematodes being an issue in Florida Golf Courses. ( Indemnify Q&A – Topic Nematodes, Golf Course Industry, March 2016) The article looks at the identification of nematodes, collecting a soil sample for nematode analysis and finally identifying which type of nematodes are present. If you


April Update 2017

Introduction Welcome to April. The recent rainfall will soon have grass, trees and plants budding. The recent warm winter has accelerated these activities along with the current soil temperatures, (See Map) which are quite warm for this time of year. From an analysis perspective, the lab areas at Midwest Laboratories are always evaluating current instrumentation