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Apply a Grub Preventer


This year I am trying something new.  Yesterday, (April 24, 2017) I applied a national brand, grub preventer product to my lawn.

Over the last three weeks, I have done some gardening and landscaping, and every time I dug into the soil, (4-8 inches), I would see grubs. Not just one or two, but several. I believe the warmer than usual winter weather has helped promote a better condition of growth for grubs.

In past years, I would aim for spots, and I was always reminded of certain areas where grubs were more prevalent. I would usually apply a grub preventer in late May or early June. My efforts seemed to work, but not as well as I had hoped. Each year, I can see signs of grub damage, and then I try to apply a 24-hour killer to stop the spread of these pests.

Michigan State University extension has a good reference site with lots of information on grub prevention. It talks about the specifics of application and product information.

I am writing this article more as a warning to myself and others to start the battle with grubs sooner than later. I am curious to see if an earlier grub preventer application makes a difference in 2017.