Getting the Scoop with Michelle Wright

On Oct 10th we host our second annual Voices in Food Production Symposium. The line-up of speakers we asked to present has chosen a spread of hot topics within the food industry. We asked each of our presenters to answer a few questions, so our audiences know what to expect.

Today we sat down with Michelle Wright, our Keynote speaker, and asked her about her topic of GMO labeling. As an independent consultant working closely with food regulation and labeling, combined with experience in both large and small companies on the 2016 nutrition labeling changes; Michelle positions herself in the need-to-know on this topic.

Michelle speaks to us about the recognition of this new direction, “Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS), a division of USDA proposed a labeling regulation for GMO.” Though these changes are not cemented, they are imminent.

Michelle went on to explain how her presentation will equip your business with preparation tactics,

“I will share the questions to ask to know if processed ingredients are from GMO sources.  The documents that are going to be needed to support GMO labeling will be outlines, and then we will look at the USDA proposed requirements for GMO labeling.  Once the final rule on GMO labeling is published your company will be prepared to make the necessary labeling changes.  This will ensure all necessary documentation is maintained and the labels are changed in plenty of time to prevent the cost of destroying non-compliant labels.”

From an outsider perspective, I have seen in my day-to-day social media experience, the level of attention people are dedicating to their food. We all have – the obsession we have with documenting the food on our plate and sharing it. I have seen some pretty impressive looking PB&Js these days and don’t even get me started on the dessert creations. It doesn’t stop at the way it looks on the plate anymore. Now we demand a need to know every ingredient, what it means and where it originated from, all right on our label.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your business to get a jump on collecting the information needed to identify GMO’s. Register today for your seat at our event through the link below.