Getting the Scoop with Dr. Jane Caldwell

On Oct 10th we host our second annual Voices in Food Production Symposium. We asked our line-up of speakers to present a spread of hot topics within the food industry.

Today we spoke with Dr. Jane Caldwell to discuss her topic of refrigeration shelf life. Jane has a repertoire of experience to draw from when talking about shelf-life. Jane received a Ph.D. in Food Science/Microbiology from North Carolina State University, has spent 13 plus years serving in USDA Agricultural Research Service Food Fermentation labs, HACCP-certified, was the Director of Research and Development at Trans Agra International, and currently resides as the Assistant Technical Director at Midwest Labs.

We asked Jane about consumers and their desire for clean labels:

“Consumers are demanding more fresh, clean labels. Traditional preservatives don’t meet clean label needs so finding natural preservatives will pose new challenges for produces.”

The ability to stretch the life of your food is something we have put brain power to over the years. Now adding these clean label demands are going to complicate the process a touch more.

Jane will be speaking specifically to the shelf-life of food items and how that transfers in refrigeration conditions. Dr. Caldwell went further to explain the role of refrigeration;

“Refrigeration is part of a multi-hurdle process to prevent microbial spoilage, the growth of pathogens and production of toxins. Lower temperatures and proper packaging also inhibit chemical reactions such as oxidation. Shelf-life studies are the key to determining the efficacy of these barriers to microbial growth and chemical degradation.“

Dr. Caldwell’s presentation will equip your businesses with preparation tactics, “We will offer insights and expertise on refrigerated shelf-life, validation of clean label formulations and natural preservatives.” Further, a discussion of analysis available to conduct this research will be presented and facilitated for questions.

Midwest Labs offers customizable shelf-life studies tailored to the client’s needs. Explicitly, we give a complete analytical package to accompany shelf-life including proximate analysis, measures of oxidation and rancidity, microbiological measures of spoilage and pathogenic organisms, and sensory analysis.

Register today for your seat at our event through the link below.