Ethanol Producer Magazine sat down with Midwest Laboratories President Brent Pohlman, Account Manager Heather Ramig, and Team Leader of Alternative Fuel Lisa Avila. Their article, Pressure to Perform, written by Susanne Retka Schill, talked about ethanol testing and the pressures surrounding the results.

“Most new trends in the ethanol industry come to roost in the ethanol lab, where process monitoring, product quality control, and new technology assessments keep the small staff busy. Implementing new enzymes or yeasts means running baseline tests and then verifying relatively small changes in yield, requiring precise and accurate measurement. The Food Safety Modernization Act means new levels of monitoring for distiller’s grains. And, in many cases, the move toward exporting ethanol to new countries means new specifications.”  – Susanne Retka Schill

The article also mentions how all the newness in the industry puts pressures on the result to be accurate the first time around. There is no budget or realistic timeline to work with if results are not certain. Investing in local labs will help to counter these potential issues.

Pohlman notes two other trends in the ethanol industry. “We see an increase in research and development,” he says. The plant’s laboratory can remain focused on day-to-day production, “and we can be that outsourced facility in research and development where they’re trying to do new techniques or developments in their process.”

Read the full article on the and be sure to check-out Midwest Laboratories for ethanol testing like the ones mentioned in the article.



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